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Korra episode titles leaked. Nick will probably take this... »



Korra episode titles leaked. Nick will probably take this down soon so read this while you can.

Chapter 1 Welcome to Republic City

Chapter 2 A Leaf in the Wind

Chapter 3 The Revelation

Chapter 4 The Voice in the Night

Chapter 5 The Spirit of the Competition

Chapter 6 And…


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Korra, your Aang is showing.

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I finished it! chongthenomad’s When Avatars Fall in Love! Granted, I’m not the first one to finish it, I was close when insomniatakesover finished theirs and I wanted to finish what I started. There is an “extra” staff above the cello, that’s piano. I couldn’t get Finale Notepad to tell me it was piano, though.

Oh, and Finale Notepad doesn’t want to understand repeats so it skips over the first repeat.

Woo! I don’t really like what Finale did with the spacing but, hey, what are you gonna do? I added audio track with it so you can listen and watch. 

PDF Download

MUS Download

OK I’m just gonna talk about LoK for a second

I don’t like Borra.

Flat out said it, not going to lie. I think it’s an awkward couple. They’re better as friends, in my opinion. I really hope Borra doesn’t happen. All throughout Episode 5 I was mumbling, “Borra is not going to happen.” over and over and over. And it didn’t. And when Bolin broke down and got drank his feelings away, I felt bad for him, but I don’t think Korra is right for him, anyways.

Makorra. OH boy. I don’t even know at this point.

The real victim in all of this is none other than Asami. I weep for her. She’s so nice and loving and caring and awesome and BAM! The Makorra kiss. And now it’s time for raging emotions within Mako’s head and Asami’s the one that’s going to get hurt in the end. She doesn’t deserve this! I love Asami! Oh god the next episode is going to be interesting. 

Was it just me who thought of this?

Legend of Korra: "The Revelation: Saving Bolin"
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Korra and Mako ride Naga through the city looking for Bolin before he ends up in serious trouble.



“I hope Korra’s parents are in more than one episode. I hope we learn their names, too.”

Tonraq and Senna


“so when Aang, the air nomad avatar, is a guy, and the water avatar, Korra, is a girl, then we can deduce that the next earth kingdom avatar is a guy, and the next fire nation avatar, a girl.”

It was Roku then Aang. Two guys right after another. It’s not on and off genders.