Korra, your Aang is showing.


One day, when I was little, I ran away and hid in a cave. That’s where I met them.
They were blind, just like me, so we understood each other. I was able to learn Earthbending; not just as a martial art, but as an extension of my senses. For them, the original Earthbenders, it wasn’t just about fighting. It was their way of interacting with the world.

All of my sads.

One of my favorite parts in the series.

wake up and smell the flowers, people.

bending porn - water redirection; katara vs hama

bending porn - fire on fire; agni kai between zuko and azula

swear to agni, man, maybelline’s better than l’oreal. see princess azula? she wears it… so clearly it’s better - i mean - prince zuko wears l’oreal… but he’s a traitor… and look at princess azula’s choices and her hair! maybe that’s why her hair is so big and beautiful… or maybe it’s because it’s full of secrets… maybe she’s born with it… maybe it’s maybelline.