bending - water: moving through ice


me when i flirt


“I hope Korra’s parents are in more than one episode. I hope we learn their names, too.”

Tonraq and Senna


Perfect location! You’d almost think they were at the South Pole.

Haro00 as Sokka
Trisha-tyan as Katara
Photography by Chidori

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“so when Aang, the air nomad avatar, is a guy, and the water avatar, Korra, is a girl, then we can deduce that the next earth kingdom avatar is a guy, and the next fire nation avatar, a girl.”

It was Roku then Aang. Two guys right after another. It’s not on and off genders.


“Everyone says how they would all want to fight like an Earthbender or a Firebender. I get how that’s cool and all, but I would love to throw knives like Mai, or do acrobatics like Ty Lee in combat.”


“The Ember Island Players did a better job of representing the show’s plotline than the writers of the live-action movie.”


zuko and iroh’s reunion

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