*I am not playing this

I finished it! chongthenomad’s When Avatars Fall in Love! Granted, I’m not the first one to finish it, I was close when insomniatakesover finished theirs and I wanted to finish what I started. There is an “extra” staff above the cello, that’s piano. I couldn’t get Finale Notepad to tell me it was piano, though.

Oh, and Finale Notepad doesn’t want to understand repeats so it skips over the first repeat.

Woo! I don’t really like what Finale did with the spacing but, hey, what are you gonna do? I added audio track with it so you can listen and watch. 

PDF Download

MUS Download

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    Guh, I don’t know how to read piano sheet music, so I’ll have to write all of this down so I can understand it BUT I...